Structural Redesign

We partner with you to understand your strategic ambitions and work with your teams to consultatively undertake job assessments, workflow analysis and structural redesign. We support you to implement any changes using change management principles, empathy and empowerment whilst ensuring your employer obligations are met.


Strategic Workplace Culture

Strategic workplace culture drives outcomes and enables staff to feel safe, enabled and recognised. We partner with you to identify key behaviours you require from staff in order to achieve your strategic ambitions. We support you to build a Culture Plan that takes culture from being a poster on the wall to a set of behaviours that are incorporated across business activities.


Leadership Enablement

Your leaders abilities, behaviours and actions significantly impact your tangible and intangible results. There is a balance between prescribing leadership behaviours and empowering leaders to lead in their own way. We work with you to build accountability, initiative, empathy and encourage excellence in your staff through leadership frameworks, training, coaching, handbooks and assessments.


Capability Assessments and Learning Plans

Enabling, empowering and developing your employees is key to retention and achieving business results. We partner with you and your staff to identify immediate and future enterprise, team and individual capability needs, learning plans and frameworks.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

As certified practitioners, we provide insights and build awareness using Herrmann's Whole Brain Thinking method which is based in neuroscience. Our psychometric assessments and supportive workshops enable employees and teams to identify strengths, development opportunities and blind spots through the lens of communication, problem solving and decision making. Our processes not only impact how employees think about themselves but also apply to customers, strategies, processes and business activities.


Engagement Surveys

Engagement is closely linked to human needs. An example of human needs in the workplace include stability, security, sense of community, ability to contribute and working conditions. Our surveys integrate human needs with strategic ambitions to reveal strengths, weaknesses and opportunities based on employee insights, values, motivations and overall engagement.


Career Transition

Any period of transition requires reflection and forward thinking. Career transition can be emotionally challenging and distressing especially when processing a job loss. Our approach to career transition takes participants from feeling overwhelmed and distressed to confident and empowered through 1:1 coaching.

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