In People and Culture management, external support is sometimes required to reveal sensitive information, diagnose issues and drive specific business outcomes.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • A department has reported ongoing conflict, poor performance and/or poor engagement
  • Your performance program is a 'tick the box exercise' and adds little value
  • Capabilities are based on what individuals bring rather than what your organisation needs
  • Your values are a poster on the wall rather then a strategically embedded cultural blueprint
  • Your induction program is overwhelming, inconsistent and a compliance exercise
  • You are experiencing high turnover across one of your demographics or position levels
  • Your recruitment activity is reactive and succession plans are not in place
  • Your gender equality ambitions need to be thought about differently to enable female participation, succession planning and retention

The People Paradox can support you to reveal and diagnose what is taking place for employees and design the transformation you need.